Quality Assurance


At E-SQUARE Kitchen Basket Company we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety standards for our Products across our business from production through to distribution. Our dedicated QA team carries out regular internal and external testing. The importance placed on the ongoing development of this program across our business allows us to offer our customers the security of safe supply.

When distributing products, we

Lock or seal all trailers transporting products, to prevent tampering.

To support our customers, we:      

  • Train and certify our sales staff through the Certified Course – so we can more fully meet your safety needs.
  • Advise you on today’s most crucial safety and training issues – including safety audits, risk assessment, risk elimination strategies and more.

In Quality Assurance  we see Baskets  concept are fully committed to meeting our customer requirements, to their total satisfaction and delight. We will achieve this through our professional processes and Quality Management Systems.