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Welcome to Credible Steel Tech Pvt. Ltd.


A Kitchen plays a major role in the life of each and every family, mostly for the person living in it. A kitchen nurtures the wellbeing of every one in a home. Every woman or home maker spends more than 3 times in the kitchen preparing meals and diner for the family and it is only fair that this one room in a home is given a deserving look!

The main function of a kitchen is cooking or preparing food, in the modern age, the concept of a kitchen is not just limited to cooking. Keeping baskets in your kitchen for storage is one of the best ways to save space.

We provide you a Wonderful selection of kitchen baskets including Partition Basket, Cutlery Basket, Thali Basket, Vegetable basket, D-Tray plus wide range of similar Baskets are available. Also we serve you with the Best Premium Perforated and Aluminum Baskets in the industry. The list of Baskets we provide is Overwhelming. These Bells and Whistles will bring a Lasting impression on your visitors and relatives.  

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